Virtues, a path to a blissful life

Virtues, a path to a blissful life

Life is a journey, and it shall end one day. Life would walk and work by itself. Mostly it needs no one’s assistance. Life is independent and a strong ingredient for every creatures. I believe, it would not be fallacious to claim that “Life would walk and work by itself”. That claim is an established fact and it is irrefutable. I repeat, life would walk and work by itself, it is popularly said that life is time, and time does not wait for no one .

Therefore life waits for no one. Life is infinite and very progressive in its course. As humans, it is important to make good advantage of life, and have a fulfilled life. Life is progressive, and there are paths that aids its progression. The best and most pleasing path to life is only through virtues, virtue is a golden path to a blissful life. Socrates, the Greek philosopher said “An unexamined life is not worthy of living” . This means that man needs to check his life and examine it.

Man is the biggest mirror to himself, that is, no one can see or know more than we do. It is commonly known that before a thing fails or loses its essence, it would have lost its internal strengths and values. For example, there is an immune system in the body that fights harmful bacterias, diseases and so on. The best way to destroy the immune system is to leave it carelessly, that is, eat unhealthy foods, participate in unhealthy lifestyles, and continue to ignore doctors advices. With these, I am very sure that the immune system would depreciate rapidly. The illustration shows a great amount of reflection in life. In truth, we as humans need to examine our life, do things that are reasonable, worth of emulating and put things in order.

All these can only be achieved by living a virtuous life, a life that gets accolades, compliments and motivation. I observed history itself can serve as a theory, criteria for truth and Knowledge. This came from basis of studying people who had lived with virtues. Also the current people who are living with virtues, because they are making history.

There is one amazing between the two parties, and that is nothing but virtue. Their life is occupied with virtuous lifestyles. To be virtuous does not only mean having good morals or behaviors , it could also mean having good work attitudes like hardwork, diligence, proactiveness and so on. I believe, virtue is when our emotional intelligence compliments our intelligence quoient. Emotional intelligence and intelligence quoient are different, for the sake of understanding and to avoid falling into fallacies, permit me to make a brief explanation of both

  1. Intelligent Quotient (IQ) : this is what helps one to “know book”, solve maths; memorize things and recall subject matters.
  2. Emotional Quotient (EQ): this is what makes someone to be able to maintain peace with others; keep to time; be responsible; be honest; respect boundaries; be humble, genuine and considerate. From the explanation above, it can be deduced that the intelligence quoient is internal, things that aid our output results and shows a certain level of sanity. On the other hand, emotional intelligence shows the level of displaying responsibilities and craving for good results. It also shows the how one can put his or her intelligence quotient into practice. For example, a brilliant student should obey examination rules or instructions, the ability of obeying them shows a great amount of intelligence, because such student does not want anything to hinder him from profering answers to examinational questions. Also, the student wants good grades, therefore he or she would avoid circumstances that would hinder him from getting the good grades.

The ability to compliment both intelligence, that’s, emotional intelligence and intelligence quoient can be seen from Aristotle’s book titled “Nicomaniac ethics” in illustration and explanation Aristotle made it known that man needs to always maintain a balance between extreme and laxity.

For example, selfishness is a trait that people don’t appreciate, also extravagance have little or no appreciation. The best of all is generosity, generosity is the perfect balance between selfishness and extravagance. In all, individuals should endeavor to always have a virtuous life, a life with virtues gets compliments and favours in all ramifications of life.

Lastly, it should be noted that a meaningful life requires essence, life presents itself in various ways, but we humans need to give it essence by making sure that the needful is always done. Also, individuals should not neglect their efforts in life, efforts brings about values. It is should be noted that; Doing is being, that is, we all need to be in constant activities that would promote wellness and aid our progress. Life itself is lifeless we have to give values for it to live
Doing is being

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