I paused the movie as I picked a slice of cake. I almost dipped the slice in my mouth when I was, in a flash, thrown into a cloud of reminiscence. I thought to myself “how could this happen to me?”

Damilola and I were best of friends, we had known each other since we were in secondary school. We seemed to get much more along when we started staying in the same community. Her house was four streets away from mine, but there was a shortcut I always passed.

On a fateful day, I went to see Dammy as usual and we talked about our future careers. We were so engrossed in this talk that we didn’t know time was far spent. Whoa! It was 8:30p.m, my street was a deadly arena at 8p.m.
How would I even explain to my parents why I stayed out this late?

Dammy chuckled when she saw my expression, this wasn’t the first time we stayed late though. At times, 9Pm, but those days we had a program in church. Going to church from Dammy’s place was two blocks away.

I quickly waved back as she said goodnight, all my heart was fixed on the excuse I would give at home. I had promised to come home early, yeah, the next day was my mom’s birthday.

I had not walked more than five steps from our usual spot when I sighted a tall man move close to me, he was walking frantically and I thought he was probably going somewhere important. I was about to side pass him when he suddenly flashed his torch at my face. I was startled with fear as fast as lightning, I could barely think of what to do but started to move back. Then I noticed a very sharp increase in his footsteps as if he wanted to chase me.

As he moved faster towards me, he dipped his hands into his pocket and I saw a brown object similar in shape to the head of a knife. Turning around like a dancer, I ran the best of my life and didn’t even bother if he was still after me. Every where was as silent as a grave yard, fear threw itself at me from every side. My heart beat was running faster than my legs.

I had my phone on me, with two other android phones.
How would I explain to my mother that I lost the 50,000naira she told me to drop for Mama Sade? Didn’t I already plan to do that on my way back home? Was it wrong for my brothers to ask me to help charge their phones in the Barber’s shop? The shop wasn’t even opened, how would I explain my plight?

I ran into two men that had large lamps with them and breathed “phew”.
“I have indeed found help” I said to myself. I answered their questions politely and explained that I was being chased by an armed man. I added that I had lot of valuables to myself that I wouldn’t want to lose.

They offered to lead me back home as they actually posed as “Vigilantes”, until one of them drew out a knife and told me to cooperate. Immediately, I went blank, beads of sweat rolled down my face, my breath went back and forth, I was indeed betrayed by trust.

Would Dammy even know that I’ve been in this situation for almost twenty minutes? She slammed the door immediately I waved back, how would she even think I’m not home yet?

I followed diligently like a robber led to the show point, my day is about to be ruined by these guys. I had only dropped my phone when I felt a hot slap on my leg and a fast impulse went through my neurons. Ouch! It was my younger sister who just woke me for the surprise we had to make.

I slid my fingers across my eyes as I opened them. Yipee! It was a dream.

Poof! I was jerked back to consciousness as I swallowed the cake which almost choked me. I chuckled gently and I continued with the movie.

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