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Your love is all I’ve always wanted.
Your smile makes you faultless
Your presence in my life makes me dauntless.
All these and more make me call you “Princess”.
And you are nothing but my beloved Mistress

*Dear Love*,
Whenever we fight, my subconsciousness observes me with a scowl.
Whenever gaiety reins, it observes me with a glow.
Whenever I sight you I’m certain, you are my gold
Whenever we are together I marvel at our love growth.
How I pray for our love never to grow wane or old.

*Dear Love*,
Understanding matters in a relationship.
It makes the captain and the crew stir a ship
It increases love and makes affections deep.
It removes rift and replaces it with glee.
It fosters a relationship of fun and wits.
Let’s talk about our agitations but not with seethe.

*Dear Love*
To make our love strong, we need to communicate.
To communicate is to elevate,
To elevate relationships for it not to truncate.
Communication is key and opens the way.
These are what I’ve always wanted to say.
May our love not be in vain.

©️ Adeyi Soffiullahi Olamide *(Legacy)*

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