You sat on a fading lilac-colored cushion chair, opposite of you is an age-old Sharp Television placed on the tattered carpet, you couldn’t even remember when you bought it, was it 15 years back when you married your wife or 14 years back during the Christmas time when you discovered that your wife was pregnant. At the far end of the room lay your I-pass-my-neighbour tiger generator, it’s been up to a month since you used it, not because of the stable electricity but because of your lack of sufficient money. Ibukun and Imole, your two daughters were sleeping in the bedroom, this they’ve been doing along with eating and reading for 2 months, they were sent home because of the pandemic (Coronavirus). Your daily routine is not very much different from theirs, most pressing of the routine is that of brooding which has now become your wont.
It was May 1st, 2020 around 2:25 pm, your thought was centered on how life had treated you and your family, this, you’ve always thought about but this day was different, your neighbor just got his salary, you could clearly hear his shout of joy. He had been at home since the start of the pandemic but here you are a daily income earner, exhausted after today’s work and having only #1500 with you which would be used to provide food until when you would be allowed to go out on Monday. You were fed up with everything, the unwanted visitor (Coronavirus) had made life an inferno for you.
“Ha!” You exclaimed thinking no one would hear you, but your children on hearing your voice came out to greet you, “Welcome Dad”, they said with glee, consumed with gaiety, they hugged you affectionately. I need to be strong for my beautiful little daughters A pacifying thought came to your mind.”You, my daughters, are my fortitude”, you told your children with affirmation.
©️ Adeyi Soffiullahi Olamide

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