Penned by: Adeyi Soffiullahi Olamide (LEGACY)

It has a different meaning
With a distinct yearning
It might be a hunger for wealth
Or a hunger for bread.

Hunger for wealth is ubiquitous
Wealth is wanted by all of us
Hunger for wealth might be to possess asylum
Or maybe to decrease one’s bete noire.

That of bread, men acquire with aught
While some sapiens possess bread to fault
Some sapiens have it not, mostly the have nots
Either way round, it is to be accessed by all.

Hunger is not the prayer of any being.
I mean hunger for bread and not the bin.
Hunger begets a fickle being
It makes a man do malignant things.

Lack of hunger accelerates the praises leveled on a leader
Making him seem like a winner.
Making him seem like a hunger weeder.
He might be faced by numerous opposition withers
But the love of the people might not make him shiver.

A man is respected when he provides bread for the family
To his children is affection is fatherly.
To his wife he is witty,
He commands his family with gaiety.
And his family acquiesce his command with piety.

What would happen to a leader in an epoch of hunger?
He would be seen as a wronger.
He would be perceived as a gloomleader.
He would severely be affected by enemies withers.
He would be seen as a leader who as nothing to offer

What would happen to a man who can not provide for his family?
He would be observed vaguely.
To his wife, he is loony.
He would have a persona so lowly,
And speak to his family, mirthlessly.

What do we think harbors the coronavirus in Nigeria?
Are we out of place if we say it is hunger?
People now say it’s either we die of hunger or corona
Tell me why a man won’t go out so as not to die of hunger
May we not die of hunger
For it can make a man die uncovered.

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