Lonely Night
Penned by: Adeyi Soffiullahi Olamide (LEGACY)
In the fullness of the moon
In the calmness of the blue sky
In the silent strewed city
And the incessant swinging of the winds
I Stand at my corridor
Leaning on the iron barricade
Brooding about how life has changed me
How it has tossed me to a state of loneliness
How the people I love now live in isolation
Drifting gradually into oblivion

I long for the nights
When we would stay up to enjoy the view of the city from our lounges
I long for the nights
When we would waft through the city and marvel at its gaiety.
Laughing all the way to our apartments.
Sweetened by our just concluded tour
I long for the nights
When we would stay up all night to read
When we would sleep and cuddle like kids
And wake up to brush our teeth.

This loneliness has taken me to a place I don’t know exist
Pushing me unwittingly into its fold and overwhelming me with its coats
I am stuck here
Receiving the night’s air
Not sure when the light will show at the end of the tunnel
Not sure when we would get to see the back of the mountains,
And rejoice on our reunion
To relate how it had been
Let the time come
I’m lonely here
In a discovery sphere


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