My culture

My culture

Many people call you the Son of your mother(Omo mama e), you see this as a sign of being effeminate because in your culture when a man is said to be overtly loved by his mother, it means you have a relationship in which you as a man is not expected to have with your mother and possess a similar trait as her
A relationship that makes you tell your mother everything that is happening in your life.
To your people, you are nothing but a male physically and a female intrinsically.
When you tend to have a soft heart, they call you a female
When you cry over a lost relative, you are seen as a female
When you try and stay with your mother when she is cooking for the family, you are to your people nothing but a female.
Such is your ordeal
Such is your culture
It’s either you live with been classified effeminate or rather change your ways in order to follow the footprint of your father and your father’s father by acting in a masculine way. Because they believe in your culture that women are vulnerable, this believe, God knows where it started.

©️ Adeyi Soffiullahi Olamide (LEGACY)

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