My Worst Nightmare
Penned by: Adeyi Soffiullahi Olamide (LEGACY)

Branches strewed the forest upper layer.
I’m the spectator,
The guy with the pitch-black hair just like the misery that unfurls.
I look as my nightmare unfolds.

I brought a flower for you.
To confess my feelings.
To whisper the longing of my heart.
I couldn’t see clearly. Everything looks blurry.
I should have come earlier,
But I was bash.
I failed myself,
I failed my heart,
I failed our unborn love.

If you would be happy,
I pray you to stay together,
While I wait for my heart
to heal.
but if not,
I would try by hook n crook,
To get you by my side.
How I wish I’m the one,
Standing there with you.

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