Industrial Revolution: Nigeria’s escape route from recession

Industrial Revolution: Nigeria's escape route from recession

The Industrial Revolution, since its inception in Britain in the 18th and 19th century, has been committed to making positive impacts in the human society. Prior to industrial revolution, most people resided in small, rural communities where their daily existence revolved around farming, and life for an average person was difficult. By the 20th century, the U.S had became the world’s leading industrial nation ( editors, 2019). Today, most stable economies -if not all- have high level of industrialization. In short, the difference between underdeveloped, developed and developing countries is the term “Industrial Revolution.”

The Industrial Revolution, will improve the standard of living of an average Nigerian. Rise in industrialization will demand a rise in agricultural activity (Odey, 2018). A rise in agricultural activity, will in turn, provide employment for the stack illiterates, semi-literates, and literates; provide food that can adequately feed the nation, and excess exported for economic gains; consistently provide raw materials for agro-allied industries. Hence, reduction in poverty, crime, and mortality rates. This however, will not materialize in the face of inconsistent Nigerian government policy; lack of stable and consistent financial services sector; and poor concern for the welfare of agriculturists. The government needs to raise up their shoulders to tackle these appropriately.T

TheIndustrial Revolution will improve Nigeria’s economy. Therewill be increase in Nigeria’s production capacity, and thus, increased exportation and reduced importation. When exportation finally exceeds the non-disposable opponent, the GDP and per capita income increases. Foreign currencies will flow in like water, the Naira-USD exchange rate will favour our dear own. However, arguably, no businessman wants to invest in a country, where half of his expenditure goes into power generation. The government must boost Nigeria’s power supply capacity to fit in to the level of industrialization she desires. Then, more foreign investor can flood the nation.

Nigeria, as at 2012 the third fastest growing economy in the world, now below top fifteen in Africa (Vanguard, 2016). Africa is in a dark moment because her giant is now like a dog without teeth. If Nigeria will escape the dangerous dungeon of recession, just one deliverer is needed -intense industrialization.

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  1. While you had a nice opening paragraph, there was a disconnect from the following paragraph. It was abrupt. It’s nice, but you could have done better


  2. Of 25, you have 16.

    Always try to go through your work to ensure there is proper spacing all trough.

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