James clear said “small change in what you see can lead to a big shift in what you do”

Meaning, that what you see occasionally has power to a large extent to make who you’ll be.

During my first year in school, after church service every Sunday, there used to be these “strange” people who walk around greeting, hugging and discussing with people excitedly.

Well, as a very introverted person, this was strange to me.
A greeting to the level of hugging was an uncomfortable thing. Why can’t they just shake and leave? I used to think.

But this didn’t happen once or twice. In fact, such gestures were extended to me and I nearly burned while engaging in this disturbing discussion with that brother after service.

I was in for it because it happened over and over.

It’s 5 years now and I didn’t realize when I started expressing such motions to several others too until the time I’m putting this down.

Because I saw this act very often, over and over, it became a normal that wasn’t part of me before.

If it was once or the opportunity for such didn’t come again, I would still be the unexcited person I used to be.

And even if I read them, if I didn’t see it in action there could be no way I could do it.


I hope you get my story and the point I attempt to drive out?

No amount of reading and motivation will change you or your actions if you’ve never seen it.

When you think you’re always unproductive, have you checked around you to see the kind of people that surrounds you?

More of your actions and behaviour comes from the things you see and the good news is, you can use this to your benefit.

Especially when you have a dream, you need to start seeing instead of just saying.

And this looks too simple, but will you try it out first?

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    Stay motivated, keep dreaming Big


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