7 Tips for Getting an A in a course after Banging the test

7 Tips for Getting an A in a course after Banging the test

So You  just banged a test and you’re wondering how the hell are you going to get an A in the course? Don’t worry, we got you Fam.

1) Don’t Give Up, yet: Currently test assessment hold about 40% of the marks in a course, and it would really seem like you’ve lost alot and giving up would look like your most viable option. But Don’t Give Up!. Exams are rated over 60% and if you try your best you can still get atleast 55%+ in the exam and eventually get an A.

DisclaimerThis advice is meant for people who got between 15-20% over 40 in their Test. If you got anything less in the test, you should maybe settle for a B(69-65). If you got Zero, please just give up now..lol, just kidding.

2) Re-do Your Test By Yourself: Doing this would give you a bit of context on what you did wrong in the Test, and how you can improve on it in the exams. Plus, sometimes some lecturers also repeat test questions in Exams so it could really be helpful toward achieving your goal of getting most of the examination questions right. 

3) Seek To Understand Concepts. Don’t Cram: One common reason most students fail tests is because they don’t truly understand the concepts of a course and probably chose to cram for the test one night before. Please don’t make this same mistake for the exams.

Note: if the reverse is the case and you actually tried to understand concepts for the test and still failed, my brother/sister abeg cram for exam…

4) Discover your Study Pattern, and stick to it: This is really important, especially for freshers. Most of them would want to copy each other as regards reading patterns. Simultaneous TDB(Till Day Break) and MTN (Morning Till Night) just so they can compare themselves with friends who do so. The truth is that the most important thing is discovering what works for you and sticking to it, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

5) Dedicate More Time To Your Studies: Don’t plan to read a day before the exam and expect to get 55% and above. You need to dedicate more time to either understanding the concepts or slowly cramming the course,in an understanding way. Right from the point of discovering that you banged the test, dedicate a certain amount of time every day(maybe) to reading the materials for the course.

6) Get Appropriate Learning Materials and Past Questions: This is really important!. Try to get access to the right materials and effortlessly practise past questions for the course. Most preferably, focus on past questions from the last 9 years till date (2009/2010) if there has been no lecturer change for the course. But if a new lecturer takes the course, start practising from the year the lecturer started teaching the course.

7) Take Care of Your Health, Mental, Emotional and Physical: One of the major reasons you would probably get an A in a course is if you have a certain level of self confidence and believe that you would get an A. So have the right mindset. Also, don’t feel to pressured by the fact that you banged the test. Don’t let that affect your performance in the exam. Take care of yourself, don’t over exert your body. Eat Well. Sleep Well.

Goodluck, Fam✌🏽

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