An Obsession with Self Expression

An Obsession with Self Expression

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that makes the flowers grow, not Thunder”
– Rumi

For the past few months, I have been somewhat fixated on the importance of Effective Communication, Human interaction and Self-expression. If you think about it, like really think about it, good communication is one of the few skills that every human being should have, and be good at.

After all, according to the famous author Claire Ryan, as humans writing and speaking are the closest things we have to Telepathy . This is because writing and speaking are the only true ways for thoughts, words and ideas to be passed from the mind of one person to another wholly and completely.

For the sake of those who might be lost, Telepathy is a fictional superpower that let’s one read minds and send messages to the mind of another from their own mind. Think Professor Charles Xavier of the Xmen. (Yeah, nerdy right? I know🤧)

So, What Did I Do about my Obsession?

A couple of months ago, based on demand by our Tell! users, we organized an online essay writing and fiction writing MasterClass facilitated by Award winning essayists and writers: Kunle Adebajo, Habeeb Asudemade, Yusuf Akinpelu and Charles Banigo, Frances Ogamba, Kanyinsola Olorunnisola and Adio Olanrewaju.

We also had to create a new product which we titled “Tell! Academy” to cater for these writing classes.

The level of interest we observed in this classes were “Tremendous” with over 400 participants in both classes in just 2months!.

Turns out people are truly interested in learning better ways to express themselves.🤔

We actually planned to do the MasterClasses as a one-off thing, but incessant queries and request have made us realize that we could actually be solving a real problem.

So we decided to do something about it.

We decided to build a Learning Management System around the idea of the Tell! Academy MasterClass and convert all previous one-time lessons by our “Masters” into continuous online courses that are available for enrollment by anyone at very affordable prices anytime.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you Tell! Academy: 2.0.

The Tell! Academy is an online MasterClass-themed Learning Management System that teaches communication, writing, emotional intelligence, social and human interaction skills.

The platform operates by making it possible for experts, leaders and great communicators to create MasterClasses that majorly teach these skills.

Infact, we currently have a Grant Writing MasterClass created by Kehinde Muraina in progress. You can register by clicking here.

One of our core visions at Tell! is to build the most “Human” startup in the world, starting from the most integral part of human existence, self-expression. I believe that with the development of the Tell! Academy, we have taken a step closer to achieving this.

In coming months, we are looking to partner with as many thought-leaders, writers, speakers and experts as possible to create more human-centric experiences and MasterClasses.

You can get started with registering as either an Instructor or a Learner on the Tell! Academy Learning Management Platform by clicking on the button below. We look forward to working with you and giving you the best online learning experience, ever.

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