Chasing A Nightmare



Its OK to have vision. Its OK to dream, but be careful what you dream for. Most of us are deluded so much so that we think we’re chasing a dream, but rather end up chasing a nightmare simply because of what has been defined as failure & success by the Society.

The Society has placed us under one big category.
“You need to go to the university to get a degree and afterwards get a job”- they say
” You need to be strong & smart to survive, this world is meant for the survival of the fittest” – they say

But they forget that not everyone can be strong, and not everyone is equally smart. Instead, they let all 5 unequal fingers reach to touch a pole, when we all know so well that it is the middle finger that first makes contact. So what now happens to the remaining 4 fingers? Do they get chopped off?

Perhaps if the contest was who can do the best thumbs up sign, or who can be used to place a bet, maybe the two smallest fingers might stand a chance.

Society has placed us all under one big category, forgetting that we are diverse, unique, beautiful & different in our own way. They have brainwashed us into dreaming the same dream, fighting for the same goals even though we are all equipped with different weapons. At the end of the day, we blame ourselves for our inadequacies and end up chasing nightmares in dream clothing.

If only society gets to understand that by judging a monkey by its ability to swim & judging a fish by its ability to climb trees, it has not only downgraded the self-esteem of thess animals, but has also disrupted the activities of the animal kingdom.

My words are yours to translate & relate with

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