Hilarious! 7 types of people that don’t watch Football

Hilarious! 7 types of people that don't watch Football
  • 7.Short-sighted people

This set of people do not like football because they find it difficult to see and feel the flow of the match.

Where is the ball?

6.  Women

Most women do not like football for obvious reasons

5. Old people

Old people…especially octogenarians do not watch football because they are too weak and have short attention spans

4. Geeks/Nerds

This class of people would rather read comics, watch cartoons and play video games than watch football


3. Religious Fanatics

These people do not like football because of the way it has an adverse effect on their spiritual life

2. Basketballers

Most basketball players do not watch football because they are usually pre-occupied with their own Sport.

1. Gay people (Girlish guys)

This set of people might be found watching football but I’m pretty sure they are not watching the ball….but love to see the players run… And see Christiano Ronaldo remove his jersey when he scores. 😀


Uhn….that Christiano Rinaldo Guy is So Cute.


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