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I once shared a link to a friend on WhatsApp and told him to help me share. I was shocked when he replied me with the question “How much will you pay for me to share it?”.

See, this my friend believed in the notion of ” If you no gain money, wetin you gain?”. That nothing is worth doing unless Money is involved. Well I’ld like to point out that Nobody has ever made Money from doing Nothing, and you choosing to do nothing because money is not involved is not a good decision.  

Infact these days, it is difficult as it is to make money from doing something talk less of gaining money from doing nothing or something very trivial.

The need for you to Volunteer

As it is, there are a lot of productive things one can do with time, even though not all these things directly result in money entering your bank account. One of such things is Volunteering. 

I know friends who choose not to volunteer because, well, there is no money in it. These people tend to not identify how important volunteering is when it comes to learning new skills, meeting new people, creating a track record and leveraging on connections. I know people who have gotten jobs or funding for their Startups simply through connections they’ve made over the years just by Volunteering.

The “If you no Gain Money, Wetin you Gain” mindset is one meant for prostitutes, Yahoo boys & Desperadoes. This mindset won’t help you if you wish to have a professional career or a decent job in future.

So the best thing for you to do is to not be idle. Nigeria is bad enough as it is than you making it worse for yourself by being idle.

Volunteer for free, pay money to learn Skills, help your friends out with their businesses. Making quick money should not be your greatest motivation, rather you should be interested in Creating Value because nobody will give you money if you’re not valuable. And that’s the simple truth.

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