2018 is gonna be MAD ? for movie lovers with movies like Black Panther, Aquaman, Captain Marvel and Infinity wars making their way to the big screen. One particular movie that a lot of people have been anticipating is Avengers:Infinity wars. The official trailer of the movie was recently released and it has gotten hardcore marvel fans feeling excited. Some even say the release of Avengers 3 might lead to the death of DC.


As a hardcore marvel fan myself, i’m really psyched about the release of Infinity wars and it got me asking the question if the movie has the potential of beating the World record in terms of high grossing movies in box office. Only 3 movies have ever generated revenue of more than $2billion dollars. The movies and their estimated revenue generated include:

3)Star wars: Force Awakens (2015) ($2,068,200,000)

2)Titanic ($2,186,800,000)

1)James Cameroun’s Avatar ($2,788,000,000)


These movies above have set mind-shattering records which can only be beat by extraordinary movies. The question is, is Avengers:infinity war extraordinary enough??


Now, Marvel is at a point where its storylines, plots and character biography are ever-changing. For instance, if you have watched Thor:Ragnarok, you will understand what I mean by this. Major points like the biography of Hera, Thor losing his eyes and his hammer and having the ability to produce lightening from his body amongst other things are some of the signs that Marvel ain’t sticking to the comics script no more.



In addition, there would be alot of characters in the Infinity wars: Spiderman, captain America, Thor,Hulk &Asgard, the guardians of the galaxy, Doctor Strange, Thanos & his people, Vision, Wanda, Black Panther & Wakanda…..the list is endless. It would definitely require a lot of brain power and critical thinking for the script writers and screenplay to properly portray each character in their full glory without undermining them.


Bottomline is I’m really excited about Avengers: Infinity wars although the prospects seem dim for the movie to actually make the $2billion record. Looking at the track record of marvel movies that came out over the years:

Captain America: Civil War ($1,153,300,000)


Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1,405,400,000)


Avengers part 1 ($1,518,800,000)


Critically looking at the above,even though this figures are relatively high, they still indicate a decline in the revenue generated by Marvel’s Avengers movie. What I can predict is that yes Avengers: Infinity wars will shut down cinemas and yes Marvel will not disappoint, but one thing I cannot predict is if this movie will reach the $2billion dollar record.

I guess only time will  TELL?

Watch the Official Trailer below





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