Introducing Tech Z

Introducing Tech Z

It’s such an exciting time for technology and entrepreneurship in Africa. From million dollar funding rounds raising unicorns in Africa to the many African startups getting into top accelerator programmes across the world, we are constantly reminded that a small group of well-meaning individuals and some lines of code can actually change the world, regardless of unfavorable business policies, lack of infrastructure and lack of government support that constantly shadow businesses in Africa.

it’s funny how all the most recent good news from Africa have been from the tech. space. Ok, maybe not all, the Music industry is doing well too. Burna Boy, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage won Grammies. Yay!.

One very exciting thing about the tech space in Africa is how young people are now becoming a major part of this ecosystem, building products that have been able to reach thousands of users and raise millions of naira in funding. If you’ve ever thought good ideas are not generic to age, well this is all the proof you need.

But the truth is that for a complete beginner, finding your footing in the tech. space and actually becoming a tech bro (or babe) can be quite difficult, and overwhelming. As a tech bro myself, I know how difficult it is to always stay updated. There’s usually so much to know as the tech. space is an ever evolving one. And this is why Tell! has chosen to start TechZ

your look when you’re trying to become a tech bro but you don’t know how to get started


TechZ (pronounced tech zee, not tech zed abeg 🥺) is an online tech. publication for Gen Z with a sprinkle of pop culture. Our goal is to make getting started and knowing about the most important things in tech. fun, simple and exciting for young people.

What would stand Tech Z apart from other tech publications is the way we will tell our stories and share our insights. We care about making you laugh as much we do getting you informed about tech. We also promise to not use too many tech jargons, and if we do, we promise to explain them to you as simply as possible.

We would also be having very important conversations with top young people in the tech. space across Africa through our TechZ podcast, providing them with a medium to tell their stories, share advice and insights to inspire other young people.

We are super-excited about this new journey and we look forward to providing you with valuable content about technology, startups and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Cheers to Tech Z being your taxi🚕 to tech. in Africa (cliché tagline right? I know 🥺)

Kind regards,
Toheeb Ojuolape,
editor @ Tech Z by Tell!

P.S: We are actively seeking contributors for this publication. If you would like to have your article featured, send an email to If you are a tech founder and you would like to be featured in our podcast series, fill the form here.

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