Introducing Tell! Books 3.0: Redefining African Book Publishing

Introducing Tell! Books 3.0: Redefining African Book Publishing

Our vision at Tell! has been to unite Africa through creativity and storytelling. This pan-African vision remains at the core of every product or feature we build on our various platforms.

We launched the first version of Tell! Books in 2020 to address the issues of content piracy and monetization for African authors. As we continued to build the platform, we identified that the needs of modern publishing have evolved. This constant need for evolution led us to develop the 3rd version of Tell! Books.

With Tell! Books 3.0, we have developed features we believe would delight and excite both of our user segments: authors and readers.

So What’s New on Tell! Books?

1. Distribute

One of the trends we identified with authors who publish on Tell! Books was that they prefer to have their books available on multiple platforms. That’s quite understandable since there are over 100 digital book publishing platforms across the world, so why limit yourself to one?

With Distribute, we are making the process of book distribution seamless for our authors by providing them with the option of publishing to over 50+ bookstores across the world in a single click. Watch a tutorial video below πŸ‘‡πŸ½

2. Kora

Anthologies, magazines, periodicals all have one thing in common: they want contributors. However, there is so much constraint on the end of the publisher when it comes to accepting submissions, reviewing entries, editing and of course informing contributors of the status of their contribution – whether it was accepted or rejected. There’s also the part where there’s a need for contributors to receive a share of every earning of the publication if their entry is accepted.

With Kora, we are simplifying the entire process of Collaborative writing for independent and individual publications from the point of Call for submissions to publishing and sales. A user can simply create a new project, specify details and then make it open for contribution. There is also a wallet feature for each publication to show how much has been made, and what share belongs to the contributors/publisher. Watch a tutorial below πŸ‘‡πŸ½:

3. Audeofy and Audiobooks

The size of the AudioBooks market has grown significantly within the past 3 years. According to a report by Grandview research, the market is now worth over USD 4.219.0 billion. However, the process of converting an eBook into an AudioBook can be quite daunting for most authors.

With Audeofy, we are providing eBook authors with an easy way to convert their eBooks into an audiobook to enable them make more sales and reach a larger audience. These books will become automatically available for our users to listen to through our audiobooks feature. Watch a tutorial below πŸ‘‡πŸ½:

4. Games and Interactive fiction

We’ve always been fascinated by the idea of gamified reading. With the rate of eBook reading currently at a decline in Africa, we thought “how might we leverage gaming to make reading more exciting for the average African readers?”

We initially explored this concept last year when we launched our interactive fiction feature called ChatBooks on Tell! Books, and it was well-received. You can watch a demo below

Now, we have doubled our efforts by introducing a reading games category for readers such that they get to read and play word games all within our web and mobile application. Infact, we currently have an international Wordle competition currently ongoing. The winner would receive up to $100 in prizes. You can participate by clicking here

Watch a demo of the Game feature below πŸ‘‡πŸ½ :

5. Multi-currency Wallet

In the first version of the Tell! Books app, one major challenge we have faced was the issue of multicurrency – we had built it in such a way that authors could publish books in their own local currency so they can get paid directly. However, say an author in Ghana published a book priced at GHS 7, it was impossible for a reader in Nigeria to buy this book due to the currency differences.

To address this issue, we revamped our Wallet feature to support multicurrency such that users can convert their wallet balance to any currency of their choice to enable them pay for services or buy a book in a different currency. We also added more options that users can use to top-up their wallet balance including bank payment, card payments, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celo) and WhatsApp.

6. Our Mobile Application

We also launched the Beta version of our mobile application for Android users. We would really appreciate user feedback on any bugs/issues encountered while using the app to enable us improve. The app is currently on the Google Playstore and you can download it by clicking here. IOS version would be released much later

As we continue to redefine African storytelling, we hope to build a truly pan-African platform that would enable African creatives to tell untold African stories not only for our generation, but for the next generation to come. You can get started on Tell! Books by clicking here or visiting:

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