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If ever there is a book to be used for comprehension or Literature-in-Yoruba for secondary school students (as well as undergraduates studying Yoruba as a course in tertiary institutions), then I would recommend the use of the Atelewo anthology. The book, published in January 2018 is a collection of yoruba stories and poetry written by some of the most talented writers in Nigeria. It was compiled and edited by Oredola Ibrahim and Razaq Abdulmalik.

Oredola Ibrahim.

Razaq Abdulmalik.

The book not only combines the ingenuity and uniqueness of all the authors that contributed to it but also provides an originality that has never been seen before as the anthology contained entries that were completely written in the Yoruba language (including all the sign intonations).

Nigeria, although blessed with a myriad of diverse cultures and ethnic groups is plagued with millennials who do not really care about a lot of things, one of such being the language of their ethnicity or their native dressings. I believe this anthology was a positive step towards trying to revive and redefine the Yoruba culture in a light that is seemingly enticing to these modern-day youngsters as it had within it amazing stories, interesting poems and a direct Yoruba translation of an English song (all of me by John Legend- written by Haleem Olatunji) which was quite interesting.

Basically, the anthology has something for everyone as the entries were as diverse as they were unique. You can’t afford to not have a copy of it. You can get a copy from Okadabooks for just #600 or buy directly from the author for #500 only. Believe me…its worth every kobo and even more worthy of reading.

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