Introducing Tippings

Tippings landing page

Tippings is an exciting new platform built by Tell! through which African creatives can not only get rewarded by their fans for creating content they love, but also build sustainable, long-lasting and personal relationships with them.

Using Tipping, African creatives can:

✓ Build and grow an audience that truly love their content.

✓ Seamlessly gain support and raise funds from their community.

✓ Create newsletters, build an emaillist and send out emails to their fans, for FREE!.

✓ Customize their Tippings page and showcase their most creative works.

Claim Your Tippings page

Here’s how to claim your Tippings page in 5 simple steps.

1. Create a new article or Visit any article published by you on Tell! and click on the Tip Author button at the bottom of your article.

2. Tap on the Claim page button that shows up after you must have clicked the button above.

3. Create an account either with your social media accounts or email address.

4. Setup your account accordingly , connect your bank account as a payment method and enter all your details properly.

5. Your account is finally setup, you can now customize your Tippings page and start building your fan base.

In the coming months, we would be introducing more exciting new features to Tippings such as integration with blockchain technology, in-app transfers and premium content support. Our vision is to evolve Tippings into a full-fledged fintech product that serves the financial needs of all creatives across Africa. We’re super-excited about this amazing new journey and we are glad to have you onboard for this.

Cheers to building more platforms that reward African creativity.

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  1. Hi Toheeb

    I’m also an author on tell but haven’t been able to link my Tell account to the tippings platform yet…any help

    1. Hi Drey. Thank you for your message. To link your Tell! account to your Tippings account, simply visit any article published by you on Tell!, tap the “Tip author” button at the bottom of the article and click on the “Claim your page”….then follow the prompts from there. If you need any more clarification, you can send me an email at All the best

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