Letter to my Unborn Daughter

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Dear Nakiat.

it’s me, your father.
I know we haven’t met yet, and I don’t know alot about you.
But one thing I don’t want you to forget
Is that I love you.
I and your mother, my wife
Are currently hustling to give you a better life
A life that we didn’t get.
So that you would be brave, bold and have no reason to fret

Nakia, I’m not sure if Nigeria is the right place for you to grow.
But I grew up here, and I didn’t turn out bad, so we can just wait to know.
But irregardless, I’m still going to try to give you the best,
Work my heart out and deny my body rest.
Take two jobs, or more than three
Do anything just so you can be free.

Nakia, you are my diamond in the rough.
You will be the reason why I keep pushing even when things are tough.
I’ll protect you, like a lion protects it’s brood.
You’re the only one I want to sing “baby girl come chop all my millions” to.
And God forbid if anyone ever dares try to break your heart.
I’ll turn on my inner beast and rip them apart.

My love for you is so sublime,
I wanted to make this rhyme,
but this is serious talk and I don’t have the time.
I want this words to matter to you,
To pick you up on days you’re feeling sad & blue.
So worry not, my Little Desert Flower,
Because your Daddy loves You!

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