Revealed: How to perform the tear paper and restore magic trick

Revealed: How to perform the tear paper and restore magic trick

I was recently at an event (SPE UI DINNER and Award Night 2017, which was awesome by the way) during which this particular magic trick was performed. It seemed astonishing and mind blowing at the time and since I hadn’t seen such a trick performed before, at least not in real life, I was bedazzled.
My curious mind could not stop thinking about what happened that night and how the magician pulled off the trick, so I started to do the one thing I believe would provide me with a logical answer to how the magician pulled the stunt, RESEARCH. And after a while of searching and researching, I finally found the answer and would love to share with you guys.
The video below explains how the magician pulled the stunt. If you don’t want to watch the video, then continue reading.

Firstly, i’ld love to give kudos to the magician for pulling the stunt off, even though the trick is regarded as a basic one in the “magical realm”. I’ll be explaining the video above, and how to the trick was pulled off in the following steps.
Step 1: get two copies of the same newspaper.
Step 2: fold one of the newspapers and keep it in your hand
Step 3: hold out the other newspaper while using your hand to conceal the folded newspaper.
Step 4: tear the newspaper that is held out into as many pieces as you want while still holding the folded newspaper
Step 5: fold the torn newspaper to form a shape similar to the folded untorn newspaper.
Step 6: unfold the folded untorn newspaper while trying hard to conceal the torn newspaper.

Obviously, the steps above might be short, but it requires a lot of practice and expertise to master. Bottomline Is there is no such thing as magic powers, but conjectures by a bunch of illusionists who bank on the theory that “the more you look, the less you see”

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