Startup Stories: The Story of Amazon

Startup Stories: The Story of Amazon

Once upon a time, a young man was on a road trip from New York to Seattle when he had the craziest idea of selling books online. The year was 1994 and the young man was Jeff Bezos, the current wealthiest man in the world.

This online book store was called Amazon

“Did you know: Amazon was initially named “Cadabarra” but the name had to be changed because it sounded similar to “Cadavar””.

 Jeff Bezos was 30years old when he started Amazon. He was a graduate of  computer science & electrical engineering from Princeton University, the youngest ever vice president of Banker’s trust(at 27) and the youngest ever senior vice president of DE Shaw & Co (at 28). He had to quit his job at the age of 30 to nurture his then Startup Amazon. Today, Jeff Bezos is 54years old and he has a networth of $130billion


Did you know: it is reported that Jeff Bezos makes an average of $231,000(83million naira) every minute from sales of Amazon stock. This is roughly equivalent to 4times the yearly salary of an average American.


Today, Amazon, the tech giant is the largest Internet retailer in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalization, and second largest after Alibaba Group in terms of total sales.


Did you know: Jeff Bezos & Donald Trump are not friends. Their rivalry started when Bezos bought  a leading newspaper in America, the Washington post. has a number of products and services available, including:


Amazon Prime

Amazon Web Services


Amazon appstore

Amazon Drive



Fire tablets

Fire TV

Anazon Video

Kindle Store

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Digital Game Store

Amazon Studios


Some subsidiaries of the Amazon company include:

Alexa Internet

Amazon Books

Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Lab126

Amazon Publishing

Amazon Robotics

Amazon Studios

Amazon Web Services

Audible Inc.

Body Labs

Book Depository Digital Photography Review



Internet Movie Database


Whole Foods Market




Did you know: Jeff Bezos is also an actor as he has featured in movies sponsored by his company or its subsidiary such as Star Trek.


So,there you have it, the story of Amazon and the story of Jeff Bezos, the king of Amazon. Anything is possible. If a baldman can become the richest man in the world, so can you!

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