The Geek & The Girl

The Geek & The Girl

“Hi..mymymy name is Toby. I stuttered (as usual). She was so beautiful”. God…her face was….
“Whatsup Toby, my name is Zaynab”. She spoke. I could still recall how her lips danced. God, her voice was angelic. And her lips..
“You a new student right. My Voice was not as bold as the words.
Yeah, I just got transferred” . God her voice..
“Err, welcome to our school. Emm…I guess I’ll be seeing you around”. I was the Head boy you see, and it was my duty to get close to new students (The principal’s orders) and that was what I was doing, atleast trying to do.
Zaynab was beautiful. Do you know those perfect-looking female characters of those Japanese Cartoons(like final fantasy)? Zaynab looked just like them. The difference was that she was real. I cant say she was the girl of my dreams because I dont believe my imagination can be good enough to dream about her.
Bushroh please gimme her number na. I begged the health prefect who had become close friends with Zaynab to give me her number.
“Why should i? I dont think she would like it o” .
“Please nau. Ok I promise to help you with your science project if you give me.”
“Hmm…Mr Head Boy. Efiwe. Ok let me atleast ask for her permission first.”
“No. Please just gimme the number. Ok ill help you do the the whole science project. You dont have to bother about it.”
Classic Bushroh. Always making deals in a way that will favour her.
The time is 8:02PM. I finally muster the courage to send Zaynab a whatsapp message( I have been staring at her profile picture all day)

Me: Hello .I wrote at, too geeky. I cant send this. I thought for a while and after which I came up with
Me: Hi ..then I clicked Send.
The time is 8:07PM. I check my phone for a replybut nothing.
Finally decided to go and watch some cartoons. Thats when I heard it. My phones whatsapp message sound.
Zaynab: Whatsup.
On seeing the message, I smiled.
Me: Nothing much. How are you?.
No reply for 30mins now. So I just decided to go to bed. Even though I just got only a word from her, I laid awake on my bed thinking about what message she would send next….

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