The Subtle Art Of Having Fun


There are certain type of people who are so uptight and serious all the time and don’t know how to Have Fun. If you fall under that category(or you’re just curious about what this article is about), then you’re in the right place Compadré?.

In this article, I’ll be sharing why you should always try to have Fun (at the right time of course) and the benefits of that endeavour.



1)Having Fun increases your Overall Productivity

Studies by Psychologist have shown that having fun for at least 4hours a day would improve your productivity levels at work. This fun could be in form of playing games, watching movies, hanging out with friends, acting weird ?, telling dry jokes e.t.c


2)Having Fun makes you more Creative.

When you take some time off from the serious stuff and you do things you actually do enjoy doing(except if you’re a complete geek that enjoys work…all the best to you o), you get the chance to exercise your mind and imagination in an entirely new way, thus improving the way you look at a problem or develop a solution

3) Having Fun is a choice…

Just like its your choice to be happy, or be single or to get married, having Fun is a choice you make independent of what other people think. It takes a lot of confidence and courage yo choose to actually have Fun!. 

Irregardless of all the bullsh** that might be taking place in your life. You might be broke, or heartbroken, or depressed or just lost a loved one, choosing to Have Fun is a decision that requires a lot of conviction and courage to ignore those bad things and focus on the Now! (Please note that I said ignore, not forget).

4)Having Fun makes you less uptight and friendly

The need to establish Human relationship and interaction cannot be overemphasised. We all need each other, no doubt about that, and the general truth is that people love a person who is Fun and exciting. No one loves a party-pooper uptight person like Jon Snow down there.

5)Finally, having fun makes life worth living

If you’re depressed or ever felt depressed before, you can relate. Life isn’t a circus or a  fair (isn’t fair either) and basically, Life is not funny so we just have to try to create our own humour out of the uptight existence of Life 🙂 . 

Put a smile on your face and put a smile on other faces. Life shouldn’t stop you from having fun. The world awaits your FUNctions, so get out there and have some fun!

Adieu ?


P.S: In case you haven’t noticed, the Subtle Art of ….. is a series of Psychological tips on how we can make our lives just a little better. I’m not a Psychologist, so I’m actually learning this on the go with you all. Let’s enjoy the journey shall we?.



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