What Does Nigeria Need?


Written by Grace AdegboyeToheeb Ojuolape

In the world today, Nigeria is classified as a developing country. According to the dictionary, a developing country is “a poor agricultural country that is seeking to become more advanced economically and socially”. Nigeria being classified as poor can be argued out and disproved as the country is blessed with a plethora of natural resources as well as a plethora of politicians who remind us daily of our country’s commonwealth through their embezzling exploits. Hence, the dictionary definition of a developing country seems insufficient.

According to Wikipedia, a developing country (also called a less developed country or an underdeveloped country) is “a nation with a less developed industrial base and a low Human Development Index relative to other countries”. Don’t be perturbed by all this big grammar. Human Development Index simply means a relationship between a country’s life expectancy, education and per capital income. Using this reference, it becomes obvious why Nigeria is categorized as a developing country with a life expectancy of 53.62years, a minimum wage of #18,000 and over 50% of her population uneducated. Why do you think the youths make up 60% of Nigeria’s population? It is because the average Nigerian dies between the ages of 50-60years.

What Nigeria simply needs is a way to increase the figures above.

As simple as this may seem, it is almost impossible, considering the level of corruption, moral decadence, insecurity & vices that currently ravage the country.

Everyone has what they think Nigeria needs. However, just as the famous story of the six blind men and the elephant, everyone describes the needs from their own angle. A little twist here is that there seems to be a common denominator in the case of Nigeria. Those worst hit by insurgency blame the government for neglecting them. Those battling unemployment would blame the government for not providing jobs. The list goes on of what ails our dear nation and so does the fingers of accusations point to the government

After complaining, its best proper examination and diagnosis is done. The government appears to be our biggest problem. They have obviously failed in their God-given responsibility to the citizens. Our people die daily from crisis that could be stopped. The medical system hangs limp and they watch still. We tilt towards economic death and they appear undisturbed. Everything is tending negative and no remedy seems available. So its obvious that a new government is what Nigeria needs.

But Nigeria operates a democracy and her people forget to understand that government is not a man we can mail our grievances to. It is a body of individuals we installed to protect our rights. That they seem higher in the echelon doesn’t give them absolute power. They are responsible to the people in all.

“As soon as we abandon our reason and are content to rely upon authorities, there is no end to our troubles.” —Betrand Russel

Ben Murray Bruce could not have been wrong in 2016 when he was branded the “common sense” senator. Although too much talking prevented the doing part.

When its OK for leaders to act without considering the masses and when people are idle and complain about high earning senators. When the leaders are self enriched and head a dying pack and when people see it as the duty of the government to clean up the pure water sachet they dropped.

From Tramadol & Codeine overdose to animals stealing millions in the National assembly to BigBrother Naija, isn’t it obvious that what Nigeria needs now more than ever is common sense?

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