Who Should You Listen To?

Who Should You Listen To?

These days, the world is so full of Noise and content that it is getting very difficult to truly choose who, or what to listen to.

For instance,  on Mondays most of the brands you know and trust (including yours truly 😉) share Motivational quotes and words of advice that would serve as inspiration to you for the rest of week.

One thing I have actually come to notice is that some of the quotes can be really contradictory.

While one quote is telling you to take things slow and focus on your happiness, another quote is telling you to leave your comfort zone and push yourself to the limit.

Because of this, it can be really difficult to choose which advice to really follow, after all, they are both #motivatemonday quotes from your favourite brands.

That is why in situations like this, my favourite quote is one by Aristotle which states that:

“It is the Mark of an Educated Mind to Entertain a thought Without Accepting It”

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This means that no matter how many #motivationmonday quotes you receive, only you can choose the quote that would motivate you. 

You can entertain them all, but it’s up to you to choose.

So who should you listen to?

The answer is: the tiny voice inside You!.

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