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It’s been a while
I’m not sure I’m the same optimistic girl who used to write and rant here.
Things have changed. I have changed.
And something tells me it’s a good change.
Do I still have what it takes to write?
To turn scrambled thoughts into riveting sentences?
I’m not so sure myself…
But one thing that hasn’t changed about me is the willingness to try.
I’m not sure what I want to write on. I mean, I know I’m in the right frame of mind to write….
My emotions tend to dictate the mood of what I write. And right now, I’m a little scared, a bit nervous combined with a truck load of hurt.
Let’s start with why I’m hurt.

I pride myself on being good chef. Not exactly the best but the things I do know how to make are made veryy well .
So imagine my pain when the one ‘person’ whose verdict meant more to me than anyone else dismissively calls my cooking supbar.
Like whatttttt!
I remember putting in so much care into the meal. Every slice was perfect. Every spice carefully measured. And right now I kinda just want to stop cooking entirely.
I can’t believe I was compiling a list of foods “the person” likes that I can’t cook(a very short list mind you) so I could master them and continually wow “the person”.
But after that comment I just want to turn off the part of me that cooks because honestly, that comment hurt.
But then it’s not like I know what “the person’s” cooking tastes like. And believe me “the person” has bragged a lot!!!!
Guess we’ll just find out huh?

But you know what the crazy part really is?
I know deep down that inspite of all the hurt and slight anger, I would assess “the person’s” cooking fairly. Why?
I’ll give you a hint.
It is a 4 letter word.

Gooooodnight folks!

Oh wait! I mentioned I was a bit scared but I didn’t explain. That can of worms is far too large for a reunion. Perhaps another day folks.

You know who it is,

A of I

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