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You know your life’s changing when you begin to see a difference between your past and present.

I try to gas myself up sometimes when I think of past memories because they are so funny…

When I used to be scared, lost and in pain

Truth is I struggled between walking in & out of depression because it became a room I felt so comfortable walking into yet completely devastated.

However,love is a trigger for new beginnings..

A purpose driven life is triggered by genuine love. It could be love for self, someone, persons or things

Wherever you find solace and comfort

For me, I learned how to love myself so deeply that I began to ignore negative vices from the world and secondly, I’d say I found the love of my life (lol) it took me a long time. Had a few bumpy rides , a roller coaster of bitterness & sweetness in a fancy package. Truth is we never know the endings well except for nollywood movies but still sometimes you could be surprised. Embracing life in full with positivity gives room for the growth of only positive things which in turn becomes our reality so I believe I’ve found happiness and genuine love. It might seem so good to be true but it’s true,the light always outshines the darkness but until you’ve decided to put on that switch.it’s right in front of you, staring at you but what are the forces stoping you from stretching out your hands and putting it on? Traumas? Failures? Doubt? What could possibly seem so big to prevent you from reaching your greatest potential?

Have you thought about it? Or you’re still battling with denial that no matter what better days would never transpire?

Break free and embrace love it’ll make you not only whole again but give you clarity.

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