My greatest Influence


Who’s your greatest influence?

Some would say their mom, dad, siblings, friends or even celebrities. Many might even say God. Truly, God should be our greatest influence in life however,When it comes to me, everyday It gets even more complicated because the world’s changing with every decision & mistake I make. So, my answer keeps changing. Today my mom, tomorrow my dad, a day after tomorrow my siblings or even my friends but deep down I know my greatest influence is my self.

When I look at a reflection of who I am, who I was or who I’m becoming it makes more sense to me that no one could perfectly influence me the way I influence my self. My dreams are bigger , they even become more realistic as I work towards making them so, My pain is a driving force , My anger gives me clarity, My mistakes bring corrections , My mind I would say is a chaotic place full of many diversions. Diversions of reality & unrealistic things that keep pulling me I’m not sure where to but what I know is, this force from within is pure, good and defines greatness. I’m my greatest influence.

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