Soon we’ll look at our scars and smile, forgetting the hands that wounded us.

soon our flaws will be forgotten because we will accept who we are and be loved For who we are.

soon we will be brave enough to accept defeat and retrieve peacefully.Because when we fall, we rise back stronger.

soon we will gain our respect, our laughter will be perfect.

it will reflect on our faces, our teeth will be strong enough regardless of the pain it has hidden.

soon we will be bold enough to drink to success because we climbed so high to reach our goal.

soon we will dance under the rain and look insane, to any beat we would move our bodies recklessly even across lanes because we deserve it, we’re free.

soon we will be happy because of the gain we finally got from every race we ran, we will embrace ourselves and be proud of who we are.

we will live to tell the story of how we made it this far. 

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