Why Not Switch Roles?


     You are frustrated. Your goal of becoming the best mum anyone could ever ask for is being ruined right before your very eyes and you are unable to do anything about it. What’s worse? Well, your husband, who should be one of your biggest moral supporters, is not helping matters. He has, instead, taken up the role your mother literally retired from two years ago. He nags about pretty much everything you do. You love him though, and you let him know about your staying love for him each time he nags, then you tell him “but I hate your naggings, ehn, why don’t you just come over here and help in the little way you can, uhn?”

     Today, Tiwa’s ear deafening cries,are more than enough to pull down your husband’s house. Unfortunately for you, he is not out to his office today, so he comes into the kitchen where you are struggling to know what exactly Tiwa wants, and gives you that look you really should already be used to. He purses his lips, like he is not going to say what he terribly wishes to say. You are getting relieved when he suddenly drops the words you wish no one ever tells you “you’re so bad at this, such a terrible mother”. Then he walks out. You do not know what to feel, should you laugh at those words and call them crap, or take them for what they really are and react accordingly?

    You remember what Linda tells you about the charm and concoction baba gave you, you decide not to give a damn, you suck at being a mother anyway, your perfect husband would definitely be the perfect mother he brags he could be. You could have suggested some surgeries to alter the necessary things that need to be altered, but your husband must have killed you before that ever happens, or you will probably be taken to  a psychiatric hospital. You love your husband, you know you’re crazy, you love adventures, and it’s just for two years. He’ll be the pregnant one and take care of the baby until it clocks one.

   It takes your husband to come back into the kitchen to wake you up before you realise that you had drifted off to sleep. Your baby Tiwa is now playing with a knife and your husband is giving you that look you should already be used to. 

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