The Meeting of the Gods


On the vast celestial terrain of the Middle passage, they converged, not for some bloodsucking fest  as it was their ritual to gorge on the next sacrificial beings;  for deciding the fates of those under their surveillance for a coon’s age-after all, wasn’t it their duty to look after the affairs of the lesser mortals?

 The full moon, a peeping bystander,  as if recording the subterranean confederation, beamed brilliantly above their heads as the fog drew nigh them as though to shade their shadowy covens from the aptness of mortal man’s eyes which might behold the impending doom they would soon unleash.

The honcho, Able Lao, rose fashionably, and gathered his immaculate garment around him firmly with a tag, the uncanny symbol of his rank and title. A string of eyeballs rose in his direction as he spoke out in a graceful voice. “It’s about time we dealt with some lowlifes who have defied our long-lasting behests which are…well, of course there solely for their own sake. Should this not be dealt with now, the standard would be expectantly on the decline,” he hushed out his harried thought as his opening remark.

“Oh, yes! Now is the time to girdle up the galloping stallion which thinks its galloping spirit cannot be curtailed by the one who owns its reins. These little mortals have ascribed to themselves too much freedom that they soon forgot how they came into being. They dared to blaspheme and blamed us of some failings, what effrontery!” came a gawky voice amidst a plethora of hums, exuding vehement anger at the situation at hand. The voice belonged to the sturdy god of mortal affairs, the magnate coordinating the affairs of mortals- Wape.  Wape, a broad, tall figure with shinning dark skin, rose to his feet as anger jolted through his veins making his irises grow grey and pupils, dark red. His figure was aped to form the kind of apes he took charge of.

“I mean, how better did they want to be treated? Your Eminence, as their guardian, I asked Aji, the god of Rainfall and Sunlight to supply them with abundance of rainfall for their plants and upkeep, sunlight for their plants to derive food from. Your Eminence, what else could one do to better their lives?” he continued and let out a rankle sigh to show his vehemence. “They could only set their hearts to mortify me under the guise to mollify me. No conciliation, always supplication for something good.” He added in a murmured tone.

A beat of Silence swept over as each of them tried to subsume the anger surging through their stellar veins. They had had enough from those mortal “ingrates,” they had bitten more than they could do. Calling them “indolent” was the peak of insolent they could tolerate from lesser mortals.

“Perhaps, you could send me down to look into the matter deeply before deciding what,” said Vera, the god of Truth and Beauty, trying her best to ameliorate the tension coursing through the moment.

“No!” Wape broke in. “There is no such time to waste again. They bit the hands that feed them; they went as far as to throw pebbles to the sancta of the gods. Should they not remember that one who has bread to eat does not appreciate the severity of a famine?” or isn’t it foolhardy to climb two trees at once because one has two feet?”

His Eminence, Able Lao, beaconed on to Silence and everywhere was as still as the dead.

“What would you suggest we do? Wipe them out?”

“Yes, if possible,” retorted Wape.

“No,” interrupted Vera. “Let’s give them a sentence till I get to the root of the matter. Your Grace, I beseech your clemency on them for now. Let Patience and I go down there and do the underground findings till they are found truly guilty of the accost.”

“Very well then, this is my DECREE…let them wander about for two moons, excluded from their people, in the thick wood of Aragbe-the forbidden forest,” declared Able Lao, the god of the gods.

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