A Friend in Need…

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 Liz walked through my street like she built the roads, I looked at her through the window. She was dressed in blue, though she’s black. But she joined the FBI, she turned her back against us, her people. I despise her. Why would anyone do such a thing?

Liz and I were childhood friends, but all that changed since we parted ways. Now that she happened to parole my street, I shall not say hi to her. Little traitor! We met at the store, she looked at me with familiarity, I looked her in the face and walked away. So much courage she had, well I couldn’t blame her. She was now with the majority, she could flex all she wants. 

My street is made up of quite a lot of people -black people. People who have each others backs and have trust in each other. People with decent jobs that live a good life. 

“OMG! Kira has been shot dead”, screamed the next door neighbour. “What! How did that happen? “, I asked. He was one of us. What was going on? Who did this? What did he do wrong? No way! You’d think the investigations would have begun, but unfortunately, Kira is black. Black do not matter where I live. But something had to be done. We can not just watch while anyone rides us.

The back door news heard was that a Cop had killed a teenage boy – Kira.  I was interested. Who was this cop and what explanation did he or she have? The puzzle was solved and Liz was the culprit. How could she? Were we this worthless to her? She had quite a lot of answers to give me.

The next time we met, it was in my hood. She had the nerve to walk to my hood peacefully, after what she did? Well, she was sized up and taken. She owed many people answers. Liz swore she was being framed by her fellow Cops for trying to investigate the matter. “Oh, please!”, I shot at her.  Who would believe such a story? She was ready to prove her innocence.  Indeed, she had a strong alibi that still saved her face. Maybe she wasn’t cruel afterall.

Liz was in on the investigation, though she was on the blacklist of many of us, she was ready to live through it. She said something which struck a cord in me. “We are Africans. We don’t stab each other in the back. We look out for each other and make sure our people are safe.” Then it occurred to me, yes we might be the minority, but together we can achieve a lot. The African blood is in us. Our blood is red and our hearts are pure. There and then I realised I misjudged her and turned her out. She might have been a part of them, but she is one of us and always would be.

Hand-in-hand with Liz and weeks later, we got our victory. A cop had indeed killed Kira, but it wasn’t Liz. She had been framed for trying to get justice. Kira’s murderer was found and brought to book. Now I know, wherever we find ourselves, being your brother’s keeper is more than your immediate neighbourhood. 










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