Against all Odds

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The sun popped out of the sky, totally deciding to bless the morning. The flowers opened up, displaying their bright colours. The road with its usual sight, traffic lights on, the road was busy – as usual anyways. It was a bright day to rise up and shine. Everyone was about their own businesses. At about 7 am, the blue balloons bounced happily, eager to witness the occasion. The coral coloured ribbons did not relent in their tracks. They also shone greatly, complementing the balloons that bounced for joy. The “high-table” was indeed high with its colours popping and shimmering like stars in the night.  The hall decorators were doing a wonderful job.

“Habari za asubuhi”, the Master of Ceremony greeted; trying to take it traditional. While some of the audience was lost, some natives responded to his greeting, “good morning Sir”. That must have been a huge joke to the individuals who weren’t kenyan or didn’t speak swahili. It was time for the program all had anticipated for to begin. Apparently, all programs started with a speech no one really cares about- at least not the people the program is dedicated to. After the speeches from most of the dignitaries, it got to the part everyone anticipated.

“And the best graduating student is Absco Otieno”, the Vice Chancellor called the most fascinating of the awards. Head high, shoulders fly, the man in the neatly ironed Black and White majestically walked to the podium. Everyone had rooted for him. Absco had always been that African student to be looked our for and be looked up to. Other awards were presented and the formal event came to an end. It was time to merry abd felicitate. Canopies of different colours with different chairs were arranged. Graduating was no joke.

Absco did not feel the vibe he wanted at this party. The traditional dance wasn’t there. And apparently there is no party without the traditional dance. Off to his hometown to show off what he has got. Everyone had anticipated his return. Absco is a child to be proud of. A son of the land who had done well. There, the party was also set up. The traditional colours mixing, the dancers in their costumes, it all made sense. It was a mini celebration the whole town had hosted on behalf of the Otieno family.

She was grinning so widely that her molars we beautifully displayed. She was just been called. She is Absco’s mother and her son had made her proud. Everything finally paid off. Her friends and well wishers  accompanied her to the event. Indeed a son to one is a son to all. He made everyone proud and didn’t drag his family name or that of the clan in the mud. B.A(Hons) was no joke, he had worked hard for this against all odds and had now became top. He was living up to the meaning of his name- strength and power. The degree he just got was a base to that. And like his grandfather used to call him Feye – the beginning, this was the beginning of great achievements for Absco.

There was a silent moment of affection between mother and son. They had overcome their fears and challenges and had proved to the world that they were not to be belittled. The latest graduate spoke and showed his appreciation and love to everyone who had come to wish him well. The crowed cheered and further stretched hands to pray for his future endeavours. And yes, there was enough for everyone to feast.

“Indeed, where great people are found, Africans are always a part of the greatness”, Absco’s mother thought to herself.

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