When it is about Islam…

When it is about Islam...

I was thinking so hard about why people hate Islam so much earlier while going through the comment section of someone that wanted to convert to Islam, and I realised something.

Most of the things I saw there, began with ‘But I heard…’

On a more personal note, I have had countless of people I know tell me
‘Oh, wow, I didn’t know that, I thought…’, whenever I show them verses of the Qur’an, when they say stuff that are absolutely despicable.

I heard..’,But in Saudi Arabia…’, ‘But my pastor said..’, ‘But boko-haram says’,But ISIS says…‘, ‘But I saw one Hadith..’, ‘But in Kano..’, the list is endless.

When you prove a point that’s in contrast to the ridiculous things believed, these are the answers you get.

You forget, that ‘I heard’ is mere hearsay, there are a lot of things you hear, like I also heard KKK represents Christianity, but I chose not to believe, and its not true.

You forget, that ‘But in Saudi Arabia’ is absolutely ridiculous, because Saudi Arabia is a country and a country isn’t Islam. They say they practice the Shar’iah law, but we also claim to practice democracy in Nigeria, where the people don’t have a say. The people in power are the majority.

What makes you think they can not be fallible as a government? That isn’t Islam!

You forget, that ‘But my pastor said…‘ is quite weird, is your pastor a Muslim?

If you were ill and went to the hospital, would you listen to the doctor or an engineer.

A doctor knows his profession, and an engineer knows his too, but they have their areas of specialisation

You forget, that Boko-haram means ‘Western Education is haram‘, but the Qur’an says you get rewarded if you seek knowledge.

You forget, that the first university was founded by a MUSLIM WOMAN! You forget, that Boko-Haram is a terrorist group, and not Islam!

You forget, ‘But ISIS said…‘ doesn’t mean a thing, because “Jihad” doesn’t even mean holy war. Because in a Jihad kind of war, ‘women are never touched, children are never touched, old people are never touched, and trees are never destroyed’.

You forget, that ISIS isn’t Islam!

You forget, ‘But I saw one Hadith..’, might not be true. There are way too many unverifiable Hadiths!
Hadiths are the sayings of the Prophet reported by PEOPLE! They could be WRONG! If you’re not even a Muslim you don’t know how to know if this is true.
The Qur’an is above any!

You forget, that Kano has a culture!
I’m a Muslim and Yoruba, I can’t marry my cousin.
Islam permits me to, but my culture would never allow me to!

Wow, you seem to forget a lot of things.

You forget, that people are way different, people could be very surprising!

You forget, that Islam is perfect, it is we humans who are not, who could be very evil, who could be very manipulative.

But we choose to blame it on the religion.

Please, if you want to learn physics, you read a textbook on physics. If you want to learn Islam, you read the book that Muslims follow, the Qur’an!

Nobody is asking you to change your religion to Islam, at least, I am not. All I’m asking you, is to pick or download a copy of the Qur’an, and read.

You don’t have to, but if you don’t, you have no right whatsoever, to discuss Islam! If you don’t, you do not deserve to speak against Islam! If you do not, you do not have the right to compare Islam to any religion!

Imagine you know nothing about parliamentary system of government in an exam, but you have to compare it to presidential, if you tried to, wouldn’t you make a fool out of yourself?

Please, I know you do not want to make a fool out of yourself.
Read the Qur’an if you want to learn Islam!
Meet practicing Muslims if you want to learn about Islam!
Don’t just bring up irrelevant arguments with your Muslim friends, ask them questions!

People say I am way too inquisitive, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t ask you and it’s true! I would rather ask you than assume things.
I would rather ask you than assume things that aren’t true.
I would rather ask, so I don’t hurt you by saying the wrong things.

But some people would read this, and still FORGET to remember, why?

Because when it comes to Islam, its quite okay to forget a lot of things.

Peace be upon you!

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  1. This’s very great of you my daughter, you are highly honored. May Almighty Allah continually keeping you to his straight path and increase you in knowledge thumma Ameen.

  2. It’s a beautiful script. Thanks Aaishah. My Pastor said Assumptions is the basest form of knowledge, anyone who wants to know should mine the knowledge from the appropriate source.

  3. Beautiful! It’s really heartbreaking that people would rather believe what they hear than find out the truth for thenselves.

  4. Delicately written. People easily forget and heresay become their source of information which is outrightly wrong and misleading.

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