I almost found love during COVID

And he went like “ do you like bagels?” I held my phone staring at the new message I got on twitter from this total stranger.
It was the 3rd week of the compulsory nationwide lockdown in lagos And everyone was stuck at home and to waste away time or probably find the love of their lives on social media.
… was still very early in the morning and I had just woken up to several messages from him on twitter. And his weak ass pick up line was “ do you like bagels???” Really bro? Is there no other interesting mind blowing pickup lines anymore but so I wouldn’t be a snub I replied

“ is that not donuts?” And he went nah it’s “bae goalsssss” I would love to be your man, he said. Please send me your phone number and that was the beginning of finding a meaningful relationship that might lead to a beautiful marriage after COVID and maybe give birth to 5 beautiful children but as God will have it, we broke up before the lockdown.

Makes me wonder what went wrong or why
We broke up. Is it the communication? Was I too loving? Was I too relaxed in showing how much I cared or showed that I loved him ? But on another hand, we were in a distant relationship and I used to think “long distant relationship were supposed to work out well “

So I started doing a lot of thinking, a whole lot of reflection on my Bagel boyfriend, I thought we loved each other so we were supposed to get through it but I realize we all have flaws, it was our collective effort in making the relationship fail. We were so impatient and we cared about so many things asides from the fact that we were in a relationship.

But that’s how it feels, and not because we rushed into the relationship, not because we were so engrossed in our own world but we didn’t give each other chances to reveal our true selves in the relationship. It was just about me and me alone and unbothered about his own feelings or if he still wanted me so we like fought all the time without listening to the other person opinion.

but I think that was the greatest lesson that the COVID 19 pandemic taught us, it’s how to live and love people regardless of their flaws or how imperfect they can’s about making promises to work out the good and ugly times, and to remember that we all need love to be loved perfectly.

I don’t know if it was the bagels pickup lines or because we spent months talking about our future, date and sex after COVID 19 but it ended in premium tears.
We weren’t compatible, he said or maybe he went on trying the weak bagels’ pickup line on every girl he met.

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