What’s so good about the day?

What makes this Friday so good to the extent that they call today “Good Friday” all over the world?

Because a man’s sacrifice counts. Today is just like any other day yet it has a big relevance because one man made it so. Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Yes, we see it now.

Nigeria is good or bad because of the right or wrong of some people; at least humans make the country Nigeria.

Changing the world isn’t a thing of the mouth because we’ve shouted Change for almost eight years now and we’ve seen the Change indeed. The actions of some humans birth the result of Nigeria now.

Humanity is being compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behaviour disposition:the quality or state of being humane. And once we start to see otherwise, then it means the real meaning of humanity has been perverted.

“If this raw definition is only what we see in this world that we live then every day could be a ‘Good Friday’ to remember and celebrate.”

If this raw definition is only what we see in this country that we live in, then, Formal Education will be appreciated and students wouldn’t be using 7-8 years for a 5-year-course.

If this raw definition is only what we see in this land, there would be no ritual and everyone would feel free to help anyone without hesitation and everyone’s trust would be at 100%.

But we can’t have this raw definition again because this world has been perverted by the same Humanity.

Indeed, we can’t make the world perfect again but we can make it better than it is today if;

★We see ourselves as Raw&Undiluted Brothers helping ourselves. .★We show an act of Kindness, no matter what it is.
★We remember what Humanity means and speak her raw language again.

If We make sacrifices for others like that one Man’s sacrifice, then every day could become a ‘Good Friday’ for you and fo and the entire human race.

Can anything good come out of Nigeria and the whole world?
Absolutely Yes.

If you make the change in your circle, If I do the same in my circle and we spread it out to others, the word ‘Humanity’ will have its meaning again yes, we might not have a perfect world but we’ll surely have a better one. And every day could be a ‘Good Friday’

Can anything good come out of Nigeria? It’s up to you to answer.

Share this with your friends and let’s rebuild our world. 😊

Happy Easter/Good Friday. Spread love. ❤️
Greatness lives right here, in you. 💖✨

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