Where feet may fail

Where feet may fail


Where feet may fail – Life
There are always places of uncertainty where feet may fail,
There are storms that’d rise where the feet will be so weak to stand.
A challenge will come which one would be confused to decide
But, what happens when one sees that the feet may fail?
What happens when life is filled with uncertainties and man is trapper in the unknown?
What will happen when one unravels the mystery behind life?
When fear seizes the heart o men and man is lost in the life created for him to live.
Is life then real? Is man real?
What is man? What is life?

Life is just a deep ocean covered with a snow where the feet may fail;
Life is lost because man can’t unravel the mystery behind the life created for him.
Life is not balance, filled with uncertainties where the feet of man fails to stand for him.

Life is a fiction – written, unwritten and edited, filled with suspense without a resolution, making all guesses wrong.
Life is naught!
Ajijola Ebenezer
Ibadan, Nigeria.

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