The devil’s prayer

The devil's prayer

A lot of things have been worrying me these days and one of it is the way a worship centre beside my house pray to God. Their prayer point has really been disturbing, which is always about their enemies. I command that my enemies die, that my enemies not succeed’, these are the type of disturbing prayer. I hear and I keep on wondering, are they praying or cursing on one another? Yes, I get it.
We should pray against our enemies but do we have to curse them. One thing I realized people don’t know is the fact that the people we call enemies are actually people who we call families, relatives and friends (Yoruba people call them ‘Ámónì ṣeni , Aseni báni dá ro). One thing most people don’t know is that these people who know our achievement, success stories, what we possess and what we don’t possess are the people who envy us; they are the people who get jealous of us. If we then continue to pray that they know no peace, indirectly, are we really not cursing ourselves? Then, some people wonder why their prayers are not answered.
I believe people who don’t know us, don’t know how we look or what will have will never thought of harming us, for they have no reason whatsoever to do so. So I feel it’s important to implore us to start praying and not curse each other. I mean do we take God for some contract killer that we ask Him to kill someone for us?
I pray the lord almighty will protect you from your enemies and raise you above your enemies.
I pray that your body, mind and soul all find peace. Stay safe

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