My Brother’s Anger

Anger Cherokee on Unsplash

My brother’s anger is :

a quiet prolonged stare

the shattering of a glass cup on ceramic tiles

the jangling of a bunch of unlucky keys

the screaking of door hinges pleading to be oiled.

the banging of a wooden door

the stomping of hurried soles on ceramic floor

the mirthless chortle of a starting car

the voomsh of a lexus zooming off

a long trail of white exhaust fumes

the swerving of lexus

the screeching of car tires

the echo of a distant bang  gbahhhh!

the splattering sound of a car’s windscreen  Shwah!

an unusual phone call from him on a Sunday afternoon 

a stranger’s hasty voice…

a quiet prolonged stare.


My brother’s anger is the thin line between him living and dying.

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