FACT CHECK: Did Prof Adamu Abubakar, NUC Secretary General, Celebrate His Son’s Graduation during the ongoing Strike? NO


As ASUU strike enters its third week, a recent post is gradually gaining fame in the feeds of Facebook users. The post, shared on November 25 by Okwa C Ifugo, has had over 5400 shares within 11 hours after it was released.

Splashed on Ifugo’s timeline is the picture of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof Adamu Abubakar, with his son, Adamu Abubakar, who had bagged a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering from the University of Aberdeen — both flaunting the certificate in a smiley pose.

“Proud father indeed,” the picture’s caption reads. “Son of the head of the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) graduates in UK and proudly celebrates with sons (sic) certificate in hand while ASUU remain[s] on strike.”

Ifugo’s claim of the picture being taken during the current ASUU strike is false. A quick analysis of the picture using Tin Eye (has shown that the picture isn’t recent. It first surfaced on the internet a year ago: November 26, 2017. Therefore, the caption “while ASUU remain on strike” is clearly the author’s false way of telling the news.

In fact, contrary to the mischief the Ifugo intend to make, the certificate was conferred on Adamu Abubakar 24 November 2017. By this also, her claim that the NUC Secretary General “…proudly celebrates” while ASUU strike is on, too, is a misinformation.

Interestingly, Ifugo has a host of such questionable posts on her wall.

Finally, Ifugo’s post is a fake news and readers are advised to discard the message.

NB: This piece is one of the shortlisted entries in the 200-word #CDDFactCheckChallenge.

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