Who is Strong?

Who is Strong?

When we become heavy with grief, sayingly at the loss of a beloved- they will come and say “Be strong! For we beseech you the fortitude to bear the loss”. On the same vein, when we set our eyes upon a toddler struggling to lift a heavy load, we would say to him, “Kid, you do not have enough strength for this”. So what is strength? Who is strong? What are the qualities that make a strong person? The questions continue to enjoy unchallenged ruminations in our everyday thoughts.

For the purposes of this piece, I will discuss strength under two headlines- the physical and the emotional, though we may still find strength being talked about in other contexts. The physical strength is unarguably the most obvious; the one we observe in people. It will suffice to say appreciable height, well-composed muscle and rigid bones would constitute the physical strength.

Moving forward in a broader sense, strength being discussed in an emotional realm. Emotional strength is refutably most referred to, when addressing the female gender; the strong woman or the weak woman. Emotional strength so-defined is the ability to take mastery on emotions (feelings). You will count as being strong when you can take control of your feelings.

Shedding more light, I will bring for instance, some of our emotions and how they define our strength. Some would argue emotional strength as maturity- though it is not infallible, it is debatable, both can be entangled and interwoven to some degree.

Sadness is indictably the most nerve-racking emotion. Depression, the long-term sadness is even more degrading. You will qualify as being strong when you do not give yourself in for depression to manipulate. Resorting to suicide is an omen of being emotionally-weak, emotionally-unable, emotionally-feeble.

Anger is another lethal emotion. You are strong when you refrain from speech and action in the times of anger. In a sense that, you take the full control and you give a cold shoulder to things that really annoyed you.

What are the stupidest things you have done for love? Love is yet another emotion which weak people cannot take control of. How fast do you manage your way out of an heartbreak? Why do you lack composure around the figure you call your crush? These are the questions that would tell us how emotionally-strong you are

Fear, they say, is the only thing to be feared. The ability to face your fears is beginning of being strong. Do you get sweaty palms, shaking voice, nervous composure anytime you are pushed to give a public talk? Overcome your weakness by showing real strongness in the aspect.

I will bring the discussion to a close by examining the physical and the emotional wound with their respective effects on the physical and emotional strength. Bruises, broken bones, bleeding inter alia are physical wounds and would for sure have effect on the physical strength.

Emotional would or emotional injury is the one caused by hurt of feelings. Anything you say or do that affects how a person feels, would cause an emotional wound and consequently have a collosal effect on the emotional strength.
Closingly, emotional and physical wounds heal, but scars do not. Do not hurt people physically or emotionally. Be kind and be gentle in both words and actions toward people.

Most importantly, remember to be strong physically and emotionally.

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