Bites The Dust

Bites The Dust

The same thing you did
To my heart,
I did to your feet,
One thing broken and the
Other walked away.

All I ever did was try, all you
Could do was lie, I tried to love
You and you lied to love me,
So what do you mean I betrayed
Your trust?.

What else could I do?
When you kissed me with your eyes open,
And your tongue won’t linger long.

Or when you stare at me with
vaporizing emotions,
Vagueness was all I could see in your soul.

What too would I have done?,
For you carry me back to the shore
Of me loving and then unloving
You without lovely reasons,

Thought I had more time to
Love you, but nobody taught
Me 1918 was history,
You were gone even before I knew.

I traveled over the mountains,
crossed several seas, fought monsters
and unheard-of beasts in the core of the earth,
Just in search of the cinnamon flower which you craved for.

All my sacrifice to surprise the one which I called mine,
All went in the drain,
As when I came you were gone,
Just like the winds, without trace,
So what do you mean that I bites the dust?.


My duet partner Agwaze Gift Naomi is a 200level physics student in the university of Benin.
She loves writing and she’s open to exploring the earth. She’s jovial and down to earth, she’s an astute reader and a socialite, also a Two-Time winner of tribesmen of the week.


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