BROKEN HOME (a letter to my daughter)

BROKEN HOME (a letter to my daughter)


They wear promises on their fingers
that they don’t remember,
name in their hearts till they die,
something they don’t even believe,
at the end we’ve lost it all I hear.

They ruin each other by being together
destroyed each other’s dream
not thinking about the posterity of the unborn.

They lost the magic to sustain the relationship,
crossed the line of no return
we have reached irreconcilable differences
and that’s when we know it’s over
As soon as you start thinking about the beginning,
it’s the end.

OLUWARINU my unborn
here and there
all i hear and see is broken home,
If you’re anything like your mother
You’ll have a beautiful home

I don’t promise you the moon,
the star
but the safest comfort

If at any time life is like a candle in the wind,
i’ll put my hands around you
so that all burns are mine
and all light is yours
It’s a promise.

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