It’s not everything the mouth will say,
Cos sometimes,
Some words aren’t meant to be spoken.
For a long time,
They’ve been giving what belonged
To the eyes to the mouth,
But who would see beauty and wouldn’t speak?.

Say after me;
I see the moon, but did the moon see us?
The night 100 stars tried looking at you,
99 went blind,
I was the only 1 your beauty smiled at.

Funny how you still think me a liar,
My eye’s only trying to talk love to
Your emotions,
And while they were concentrating on the
Sound coming from your waist,
I was already thinking about nights with you,
Your bed actually told me your night with
Other men.

I’m not a Casanova,
I’m just a man trying to see one night with
Just one night, and it’s before the dawn…



The Evelz Story 

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