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 Today on earth, most of the abysmal and infuriating things happening around the realms of man , many are what we see as a dilapidated sector we really need to seek urgent attention to because gradaully it’s becoming a menace on this Terra firma and life must be characterised by a sense of universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human but also human to other forms of life.

Many people wake up everyday with different views about life, with a lot of conundrums too and it saddens many mind to see the way thing are because what is expected of life is not what we are getting but what can we say the problem is?.

There’s more to the understanding of existence, it is based on our beliefs and panorama, while many are cogitating that life’s unfair, to some people, everything is fair . It is a common knowledge, life is a twin, Life itself and its problems. Problem(s) and not Problem. We would not talk about the Problem we face because in the court of cockroaches, a fowl never wins but we will talk about the problems affecting all which is what seems to be “the masses of an environment” and it is the masses of an environment that rescues dreams from fogs.

  My comments and predictable solutions on our gigging environment will be on the Nigerian politics because according to Aristotle, “Politics is the essence of social existence and interaction and that two or more men living in a society are variably involved in a political activity”. In essence, politics is what shapes life, it is the nexus between man and his society and an empty stomach is not a good political adviser, politics is more dangerous than war for in war you’re only killed once. Right from the onset, the hurricane humbeto hitting the Nigeria political landscape isn’t based on the fact that there’s something wrong in the cosmological formation of this country or we’re still suffering from the effect of colonialism, The problem is with our national senility. In the Nigerian-state, we face a whole lot of problems, both economically and politically and it has been regenerating ever since immemorial, from the time our heroes and heroines but the problem Nigeria is facing is now micro in nature, not the system of government, hasty constitutions, poor principle of revenue allocation etc. Nigeria’s characteristics/ attributes are the main problem to Nigeria state. Nigeria’s problem is not beyond conjecture and solution. It’s only the will to enforce the desired change that remains unfound!

Nigeria’s problem goes beyond leadership,it goes beyond philosophical postulations. Our problem is multi-faceted,you can’t restructure a dysfunctional institution if you are not ready to engage in systemic propagation of attitudinal and institutional reforms.
What scholars need to do in other to solve the menace in the polity is to engage in holistic interrogation of the institution of the state. If you don’t understand the complexity of a system you will just assume that you know the solution to the problem and assumptions can be injurious to development. It remains who and what changes the Constitution to a purely federal system and not the guise of unitary system now practised!
Because unitarism is more active even in our federalised state. Since 1966,we killed ironsi because he introduced the unitary system and continued unitary disguised as federalism.
The centre is too attractive that all powers are dictated and shared from that end without consideration of the component units.
“What is needed is both political and fiscal federalism”
When what preoccupies a people is how to share revenue from outside sources, they will think less of how they can become productive to overcome their economic challenges.
They rather device means of retaining their socio-political dominance. That is the principle of Social Dominance Theory.
They hold others to ransome by brooding a population they cannot feed, educate but subjugate and control in ignorance.

How do we go from a country that said it had achieved food security to one where thousands of Nigerian are now unbashedly slamming their bank account on social media and begging for alms from strangers?, We have always been a poor country but how did things get this bad for us?. Anyone who is too proud to be called poor is clearly not poor, the pangs of hunger ate stronger than the variety of self esteem, that’s why there are hordes of Nigerian “e- beggars” who drop their names and account numbers on social media without shame during social media “giveaways” and sometimes without “giveaway”.

A nation that build her economy on a monolithic economic structure will be insolvent if the mainstay of her economy is destabilized by factors beyond her control. It takes leadership responsiveness and futuristic projection for leaders to look inward so that they can create opportunities that’ll give the state economic vitality in a perilous time.In a land where deception is enthroned, poverty and lack will inevitably be a companion. In a land where ignorance is the most accessible currency, the people will imfamously live in penury. In a land where mediocrity gains precedence over meritocracy, the people will find it difficult to discern the wealth in the land. The paradox of plenty will become highly effectual if the human capital in the land is not resourcefully deployed.

  Excellence comes with a desire. Are our Excellencies desirous to get excellence in the discharge of their duty?. If there’s leadership deficit in any nation, the mental and political construct of such a nation should be critical examined. The people’s indecision or indiscretion will inevitably result to deficient leaders who lack the mental and emotional magnitude to handle delicate issues.

The redemption of Nigeria will come when we dispassionately examine the actions and Inactions of the leadership class, in an highly polarized country like Nigeria, development will be a mirage if we don’t change our dysfunctional political configuration. Nations grow when the people resolve to holistically address the lacunas in the polity without giving clannish or ethnic colouration to the Nigeria political landscape, it is our collective responsibility to make Nigeria a better state among the comity of nations. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

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