Eve of Evelz

Eve of Evelz

All my past,
My eyes were filled with tears.
But since you came,
I’ve been a stranger to danger.
Dear Eve,
The apple in your eyes
Shine alone like the moon in the
Will you give a chance?
I want to hide you in my heart

For the Evelz caught on the knife edge,
You’re my saviour coming from war
as a Life guard,
With a deep cut wound at the
Bottom of the heart,
You Came as justice through fight.
You became the smile on the lips
Of a captured prince,
You’re the one with the immediate duty
To save me.
You’re my army of thousands
And have changed me into a rainbow.

That I have seen alot and enough
I have loved but not being loved
I make wishes that God doesn’t fulfill.
Eve of Evelz,
I have cried
Until you became the end to my

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