I’ve been loving thee since immemorial
When love itself was unthought to be born. 

And for six ugly years
I’ve been stuck in the preface
Of yours. 

Even when missionaries
Tried to be
God’s messengers from direct, 
I insulted their prophecies
Without listening. 

Now your familiar eyes
Is burning me
Into a recognized mutilation,

And a plot of me is no more found
in your hectares of existence. 

Shy lies, 
I want to look into
The face of truth and not feeling like
I’ve impeached my “World Best”

Because our story
Is the Arabic I’ve been
Reading from left to right. 

I’ve lost touch with my heart
Because pain and love
Now live next door
And the streets too is full of breaks
From heart breaking
To the breaking scenes
Of emotions and confusion

I’ve been loving thee since immemorial
Ever since when something seems to be nothing.

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