I wouldn’t be surprised
If one day you come back,
Even the prodigal son
Did the same

But to watch you lurk
Around the Quadrangle
You don’t seems
To be enjoying
The true product of love

You see,
Ego and materialism
Can’t be traded with love

Or have you forgotten the
Ecstasy in love garden?
That’s the only one place
You can enjoy the melody of love

Who would ever think
The heart is stronger than Bluetooth
For I’m surprised
How we’re still connecting with
Broken distance

You can always return the call of Dangote
But love might never give
Us a second chance

Even life will be lived once
So why should we spend the entirety of ours
In a lusting Triangle

Maybe we’ll have to
Retrace the path
That led us to us
Or re-kiss the lips of coincidence

My goat is always open
To dance with your sheep the song of SIMI
Only if you wouldn’t tell me again
That your mother didn’t born black.

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